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Beta Testing has Officially Begun
Hello users!

Beta testing shall now officially begin here at Not all features are fully in place, but most of the essentials are up and running, and all known bugs that I have run across have been fixed. During beta testing, I will primarily be working on three things.
  • The framework. Some inner-level changes will still be made in order to ensure maximum stability. The chat rooms may experience some unexpected downtime while these changes take place. If downtime occurs for an extended period of time, please report the bug in the bug reports thread on the forums.
  • The website. The theme still needs some work, but it's gonna take a lot of image editing, PSD related changes, etc..., so that will take some time. Bare with us while we make the site a little more professional. Tongue
  • Documentation. Yep, I'm gonna add tons of documentation soon. For those of you familiar with ajax chat, feel free to add your own documentation in the tutorials forum as well. As long as it's not incorrect, I won't object.

Anyway, even though the service is not officially in its final form, it is up and running, and you may feel free to create chat rooms and use them for your own websites. As always, if you notice any bugs, have any suggestions, or would like to provide feedback, please let us know!

-Chatcave Staff.
Unfortunately, a major bug was detected that caused all data from a chat room to be deleted if another chat room with the same key was created. This bug has been fixed, but the official chat room's user registration data has been purged. The next step for me will be to develop an efficient backup system to prevent that in the future, but the official support chat was the only chat room affected by this bug.

If you own your own chat room, your chat room should not be vulnerable to the issue. If you registered to the support chat, you'll need to register your nickname again.

Sorry about the inconvenience as beta testing continues.

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