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Managing your settings
You can manage basic settings for your chat with your personal admin panel. You can access your admin panel by adding "?view=admin" to the end of your chat URL. For security reasons, this URL is not linked to anywhere, so this thread serves as the official documentation in case you can't find it. Tongue

For those who are used to independent installs of Ajax Chat, this admin panel was custom coded for As a result, not all settings found in config.php are in the admin panel. This is partly for performance, and partly for technical reasons. However, I plan on adding more settings over time! Tongue

Anyway, this will serve as a basic reference to the admin panel settings available.
  • Enable/disable. This setting allows you to to enable or disable the chat with one setting. Chat administrators will be the only users with access when the chat is disabled.
  • Default theme. This setting is pretty self explanatory. Please note that the default theme is not forced on users who have set their own theme.
  • Default language. this setting is also pretty self explanatory.
  • chat name. This setting defines the name of the chat room that will be displayed on login and chat pages. (e.g "chatcave chat room")
  • Allow guests. This setting allows you to allow or disallow guests. If guests are not allowed, only those with registered nicknames will be able to access the chat.
  • Allow /nick. /nick allows people to change their nicknames once they have logged on. This setting is enabled by default.
  • Enable /away. /away allows users to mark themselves as away in the chat. This setting is enabled by default.
  • Enable /MOTD. The MOTD is a message that displays to every user as they log into the chat. By default, this is enabled, although no MOTD is set by default. You can set an MOTD with the /MOTD command.
  • On login. This setting has two possible options. By default, it is set to display previous messages on login. If you set it to "Don't display previous messages, " no previous messages will be displayed to users when they log into the chat.
  • Private Channels. Allow or disallow private channels. (allowed by default. )
  • Private Messages. Allow or disallow private messages. (allowed by default. )
  • Nickname Registration. By default, users will be allowed to register their nicknames. If this option is disabled, nickname registration will be disabled, and only users with existing nicknames or guests will be able to access the chat room.
  • Message deletes. By default, this is set to moderators and administrators only. You may optionally allow all users to delete their own messages with this setting.
  • Log Access. By default, only administrators can access logs. This setting allows you to extend access to all registered users. We recommend leaving this setting at the default in most cases.
  • Chatbot Name. Don't like the default "ChatBot" name? Rename it to anything you'd like!
  • Guest prefix/suffix. When non-registered users enter the chat, you will have the option to mark them as guests with a prefix/suffix combination. Ajax chat uses parenthesis by default.
  • Guest prefix/suffix. When users use /nick to change their display names, you will have the option to mark them as changed with a prefix/suffix combination. Ajax chat uses parenthesis by default.

If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or anything else of the like, let us know here!


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