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Register Page?
Hey there! I'm trying to make a register page for my AJAX chat (using the one you have up on github)
How can I make it? I don't know php or javascript, so please help if you can!
I would also like a verification email.
If you can help, thank you so so much!
Well, we based ours off of enhanced ajax chat, which basically overrides the default login system and stores users in the database. Of course, we did some modifications to improve it a bit, but it's still pretty primitive for the most part. Nobody has really attempted a fully featured registration system for ajax chat yet.

Perhaps redoing it as publicly releasable code would be a good project for my free time. Unfortunately, free time is hard to come by for me lately. Tongue
Ah well... I kind of edited a lot of things and I don't really want to re-implement the whole chat again..
Sometime tried doing this.
Is that correct? I just need an easy fast way to do this... It's pretty tiring doing it manually.
Well that's not what we did here because each chat shares the same files, so settings and users have to be stored in the database. Obviously that required quite a bit of custom coding, but then again, that was expected considering that we were doing a hosted environment. Tongue Either way, for a standalone install, it shouldn't be too hard to port the enhanced ajax chat features over. It's generally more efficient to store users in the database as it reduces the risks of file corruption if the user who wrote the stackoverflow script didn't do a good job testing the code.

This was a while back when I was working on this, but if I recall, I essentially just needed to copy over the customajaxchat.php file from enhanced ajax chat. Because of the way that URL rewrites were done here, I had to rewrite a good portion of the register.php code because everything is done through index.php, but I doubt that'd be necessary for a standalone install because you probably aren't messing with the URLs from the server configuration (I would assume, at least Tongue). You might be able just to copy /lib/class/customajaxchat.php, /register.php, and /register.html, and that would get you fairly close to where you'd need to be.
I tried out enchanced ajax chat and I get a TypeError undefined function error when logging in as a user or guest, and sounds don't work...

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