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Bug Tracker/Release Log
This thread will serve as the official bug tracker and release log for minor patches to This thread is not for bug reports. If you believe you have found a bug, please open a new bug report in this board.

Most minor bug fixes are not patched directly to live code due to the instability that it can cause on running chat rooms. For that reason, several bug fixes will be prepared in a new package and released at once, which also allows some of the fixes to be tested.
Maintenance release 1:
  • Fix the "who is online" list when hovering over the chat name on the login page. (Done)
  • Major performance improvements on the chat login page. (Done)
  • Remove buggy announcement command. (Didn't work well, wasted database space) (Done)
  • Do formal test of upgrade script
  • Remove /ban command. (/kick is used to ban members) (Done)
  • Fix suspended message when nonexistent chat rooms are requested. (Currently displays a suspended message instead of a "deleted" message. ) (Done)
The patch for Maintenance release 1 is ready and will probably be pushed tonight after final testing. Big Grin

Edit: Apparently the upgrade script I had in place was less complete than I had originally thought. Maintenance update 1 requires no database schema changes for individual chat rooms, but I'm taking this as an opportunity to get the upgrade script fully tested for an upgrade that will in the future. Because current versions of code may expect the database schema to be fully up to date, it is obviously pretty imperative that upgrades be processed immediately before any requests are processed. For that reason, once a small bash script is run that officially upgrades the code base, any chat room with logged in users will be upgraded within two seconds, and any dormant chat room will run all available upgrades on the first login. It's also imperative that if, for any reason, an upgrade fails, that the errors be logged and also that no further upgrades are attempted that could cause data loss. (A chat that has seen no activity in months may require multiple upgrades on the first login. )

This is pretty fascinating stuff. It delays the first update a bit, but it will definitely make things easier in the future.
The upgrade was successfully run, fixing some bugs. I apologize for the accidental five minute breakage of the login page and the surprise message that was auto-generated by the updater. This is the first time I've run an update, and worry not, most of the odd glitches have been patched. This process should be a little smoother next time around. Tongue

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