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How to promote and demote moderators and administrators
You will be able to promote chat moderators and administrators easily using chatcave. There is no limit to how many you can promote. Currently, the /usermod command edits a user's user role, allowing you to manage users and their staff positions in your chat room. Of course, only registered nicknames can be promoted or demoted, and a promoted user will have to log in with their password to receive their privileges.

- A moderator has access to chat moderation capabilities, but cannot access the logs and has a green username.

- An administrator has the same privileges as a chat moderator, but also can access chat logs and has a red username on most themes.

Quote:/usermod Darth-Apple demote
the above demotes Darth-Apple to a normal user

/usermod Darth-Apple administrator
the above promotes Darth-Apple to an administrator

/usermod Darth-Apple moderator
Promotes (or demotes) Darth-Apple to a moderator

/usermod Darth-Apple user
Same as demoting Darth-Apple

/usermod Darth-Apple guest
This won't delete the account, but it give this account pretty much no perks over a normal guest account besides missing parenthesis. I believe only accounts with at least "user" status can use a private, invite only channel as well. Tongue

Only chat administrators can use this command. As you can see, the command follows "/usermod [user] [userrole]". Also, you can't modify the accounts of other administrators or demote yourself, so don't even try. (Actually, do try, but you will get nowhere doing it. Tongue ) Also, to be on the safe side, only the founder of the chat can edit the accounts of administrators.

I plan on making a simpler /op and /deop alternative soon, but for now, this will get the job done. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the support forum!

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