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Lost Admin Powers

Somehow I lost my admin powers (I'm the founder, of course, you can check the ips) is this a bug or did I messed up something?

In the first day, everything okay, but then I lost the powers.
Sorry about the delayed response!

What username did you use when you created the chat? Is it letting you log into the chat room with this username and password, or are you completely blocked? If it lets you log into the chat room as an administrator, but you are blocked from the admin panel, the chat room is probably associating the wrong user as the owner for some reason, which is something that I would be able to reset for you. Not sure what would cause that sort of bug. That's something I will have to look into at some point.

Let me know what username you created the chat with and whether it lets you log into the chat room itself as an administrator, and I will look into this issue for you.
No problem, what matters is your response!

Yes, I can login with my id and account but can't use administration powers, I used "Doritos" as my username. Something I forgot to mention, which I don't know if it was supposed to happen, the first mail dissapeared from my email (I don't remember deleting it). This starts when I was in pc and I didin't logout from the chat and tried to login in my phone (in the iframe version) and said "nick invalido" (portuguese) = invalid nick, then in pc I was logout now at this point, I login and then BAM I literally become a "normal user".
Hmm, interesting...

"Doritos" is actually not listed as the founding account. It was the 10th registered user, and "[BB]" shows up as the founding account and as the only chat room administrator. Are you able to log in through the "[BB]" account at all?
... I'm stupid *facepalm* I remember now, I used this command "/nick [New nick]" trying to change a member's name but it changed my name lol. Yes I can login in [BB], can you revert this to my original name? Doritos

Sorry about my stupidity. Tongue

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