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Introduction to Ajax Chat
#1 is a free Ajax Chat host, operating on a slightly modified version of the official branch. Ajax Chat is not an IRC compatible chat, so the web client is the only way to access an installation of Ajax Chat. However, its frontend interface is very robust, and it has thus gained a lot of popularity. It also supports many of the features that are popular among chat rooms, including multiple channels, private messages, /nick and other IRC-style commands, emoticons, sounds on new messages, and more.

Running a chat room host is by no means an endeavor that requires minimal server resources, particularly for chat rooms that do not make use of Flash or some sort of socket/IRC bridge. One of the primary advantages of Ajax Chat is that it does not inherently require flash to be functional, allowing it to work well with mobile devices, etc... However, due to the fact that the chat room connection is not permanently established, and that the client sends requests constantly to the server to pull new messages, there haven't exactly been many attempts at a legitimate Ajax Chat host. Most free chat room hosts have instead gone the route of disposable integration codes, or of an IRC/Ajax bridge, with Mibbit being the most popular example.

So, with that said, is our attempt at a little Ajax Chat host that runs on a modified Ajax Chat (with a few additional features, of course. ) Our goal is to offer a reliable standalone Ajax Chat system for those who are unable to host Ajax Chat on their own servers due to webhost restrictions. Because many webhosts don't exactly appreciate chat rooms, we hope that our service will help you integrate a nice chat room with your website if your webhost is among the less appreciative.

Anyway, although there is plenty of documentation on Ajax Chat already, this thread will serve as a basic introduction to what we have added in addition to the basic features of Ajax Chat. Certain features were removed due to technical reasons, but may be added in the future.

Added Features:
  • Nickname Registration. This feature was (mostly) ported over from Enhanced Ajax Chat, an alternative branch of Ajax Chat. I've also added several additional features, including password resets, and the /usermod command.
  • /away command. This command allows users to mark themselves as being away in the chat room. (This is based on the AFK command on the Ajax Chat Wiki. )
  • /takeover. This command allows you to "take over" the chatbot. (This is based on the takeover command on the Ajax Chat Wiki. )
  • MOTD. This is an optional feature that allows you to display a message to every user who logs into the chat room. Users may also use the /MOTD command to display the message of the day at any time.
  • Mini Administration Panel. For chat room owners, I've added a small administration panel that allows you to manage your chat room without needing to pull out notepad++. I'll admit that this is an implementation that was required for a chat room host considering that, from a technical standpoint, each chat shares the same set of files, but hey, it's there. Tongue

Features not currently supported:
  • Custom Channels. Currently, only two channels are added by default. (Public, and Downstairs. ) I am currently looking into adding a full channel management system for future versions of the framework, but for now, it unfortunately has not been implemented yet.
  • Chat Opening/Closing Hour. If there is demand for this feature, let me know and I'll look into implementing it. For now, this feature has not been included in this version.
  • Customized smilies, themes, etc... Because each chat, from a technical standpoint, shares the same set of files, unfortunately, certain features such as customized themes, emoticons, etc... are not able to be implemented at this time. I plan on adding smilies, implementing emoticon sets, adding custom themes, etc... over time, however.
  • Use as a shoutbox. Our service has been optimized to be used as a full chat room. For that reason, we have not implemented shoutbox implementation at this time. If there is demand for a shoutbox implementation, let us know, and we'll look into adding it!

Ajax Chat stores all chat logs by default. Because these logs can get very space-intensive on the server, they are currently set to automatically purge after 90 days. If there is anything in particular you need to retrieve, make sure to do so before 90 days has passed to prevent the log from being deleted! (Once it's purged, it can't be retrieved, even by us! ) You can access the logs by adding ?view=logs to the end of your chat URL.

Of course, please note that is still a beta service, and that features will be added over time. I also intend on upgrading the service with each major release of Ajax Chat to reflect updates to the official branch (although changes may not occur the day of the release. Tongue ). I hope that will become a useful service for your website. Enjoy! staff

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