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Can I register my nickname?
Yes, you can register your nickname via this link. This is optional, but is highly recommended as it protects your chat account.

Is my email address required to register my nickname?
No, but it is very strongly recommended that you provide an email address as it allows for password resets. If you do not set an email, you will not be able to reset your password if you forget it.

How can I change my password or email?
You can use /password [newpassword] to reset your password. Use /email [newemail] to reset your email address. No comfirmation is sent, so make sure to proofread carefully before you submit!

How can I reset my password if I forget it?
If you provided an email address when you registered your nickname, you can reset your password via this link. If not, you will need to contact your chat administrator to reset your password.

How do I set my "away" status?
Simply use the /away command to set your away status in the chat room. Your status will automatically be reset as soon as you post.

Can I change my nickname?
If your chat administrator has enabled nickname changes, simply use /nick to change your nickname. This does not change your username permanently for registered nicknames.

Can I change my registered nickname?
Registered nicknames can only be changed by an administrator. If you would like to change your registered nickname, please contact your chat administrator or create a new nickname.

I was kicked from the chat room and it displayed a banned message.
Kicked users are automatically banned for five minutes from the chat room. If you are still banned after five minutes, the administrator or moderator has banned you for a longer period of time.

I feel that I was banned unjustly from this chat room. Can I appeal this decision through the staff?
No. Moderation and administration decisions are left solely up to the administration of each individual chat room. However, if you feel that a chat room is breaking the terms of service, please feel free to contact us at

Will I be required to register my nickname separately for each chat room that I participate in?
Yes. Each chat room has its own set of data and its own user registration database. This is to allow greater flexibility for chat room administrators.

Will I be able to connect to chat rooms with an IRC client?
Unfortunately, IRC is not compatible with our chat rooms.'s framework is based on Ajax chat, which is a non IRC PHP/ajax chat script. If you are a chat administrator and are looking for an IRC compatible chat room hosting service, mibbit is a good alternative that we recommend.

Is flash, java, or any other mobile browser addon required to use this chat?
Nope. Javascript is all you'll need!

The chat room appears to be down. Was I banned?
Most likely not. The chat will let you know explicitly on the login screen if you have been banned. Most likely it is either a server issue or a network issue instead.

"This chat is currently suspended. Please contact support for more information. "
If you see this when you submit your login details, the chat room has been suspended for a breach of the terms of service. Contact your chat administrator for more information.

The chat room is slow and appears to have a lot of lag. What could be causing this?
Our servers have been optimized to handle a large amount of traffic. However, during peak hours, it is possible that the server is overloaded. It is also possible that your internet/network connection to the server is not strong. The issue usually resolves itself within a few hours. If this is a persistent issue, please contact us and we'll look more closely into the issue.

How can I access this chat through a mobile browser?
Most javascript compatible mobile browsers are compatible with this chat, although results may vary. For J2ME devices, we recommend UC browser (note that you will need to refresh periodically to load new messages, as most J2ME devices do not support ajax). For iOS devices, we recommend mercury. For Android devices, we recommend Opera Mini. Mobile devices are not officially supported, so your results may vary. Better support for mobile devices will most likely be implemented over time.

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